Scintillating books

Books are the best educator in this world for anyone and it drives us to a journey of universe of words. Reading books is a very pleasant feel and it is a valuable good habit that enriches our lives and departs effective motivation, knowledge and esteem. That reading should be served with only heavenly sweeter books. There are several people called bookworms and always they indulge themselves in a world of books. It won’t wreck even after the arrival of millions of technologies because of an exclusive ecstasy that a book can give to our mind doesn’t match with any other thing. A number of poets, authors embellished this book journey with their writings.

Transformation of traditional books

In the present modern world, the technology spread everywhere and it is transforming the past traditional trends of the world. It shifts the way of common living habits to another brand new level. One of such things changed in the current trend is books of papers. In the past, a separate room is there to store a number of traditional books which are printed in high costs. But now the technology has changed this cultural thing and switched the huge books into a handy one for all. Actually, it is not a possible one for book lovers to hold on with thousand numbers of books and carrying them on their shoulders to everywhere they go. But it's possible now, one and only because of the arrival of e-books.

These are electronic books, which are readable on displays of computers, tablets, mobile, pads and made it as a much easier thing for all the people. A traditional book is the collection of series of pages assembled for easy reading and portability and they are also called paper books or print books. Since, the invention of e-books, there is an unending war between the people supporting traditional books over e-books and vice versa. So, let’s see about traditional books in comparison with e-books and let’s see their importance. Every book-lover knows the physical pleasure the book gives such as the smell, feel, vibe etc. but, e-books don’t have this especially when traditional book-lovers read e-books, it kills the vibe.

It is not only that, when there is an exchange of books or sharing of books between book lovers there is a bond of relativity that forms but, in the case of e-books, it doesn’t happen. The ever-changing technology is also a reason that we do not have guarantees that the e-books will work 10-15 years later but, in the case of the traditional book, the book is physical so, there would not be much change in it.

A study in ‘The Guardian’ proved that users reading e-books have a slight issue in recalling events in a mystery novel compared to people who read traditional books. Maybe the e-books are advantageous for the academic outcome of students but, they are not good for reading because there should be an emotional connects, to read the book and enjoy. In reference to the author’s guild’s allegations that e-books are not paying the writer enough, this comes to prove that traditional books are fairer to writers than e-books. Compared to e-books, traditional books are better for the reader’s health as a study at Harvard Medical School says that reading from a light-emitting e-book before bed interferes with your sleep ability, with your alertness the next morning and with your health.

Early stages of e-books

In 20th century itself, e-books arrived in floppy disks and CD-ROMs and the number of e-book readers were increased in that time than the past years. Various organizations with technology innovations released software to access the electronic versions of books and so e-books became more popular among the people. After the arrival of Adobe reader with a brand new e-book format of "pdf" e-books were multiplied in myriad quantity. Authors and publishers also involved in simultaneous publications of both the books and e-books as a single source document and library for e-book distributors also developed a lot.

Convenience of e-books

Another main concern is the cost of the books, in which e-books costs very low as they are just scanned by robotic book scanners electronically. Digital publications undercut prices of a numerous number of printing books. That's why it is so comfortable for the people to take them wherever they want and afford them at nominal prices. A wide range of titles and genres can also be selected very easily by the readers in online compared to searching for the books in several places and libraries. And in online, there are no deficits in the number of books for the readers, so everyone can get their needed books of various titles in a smooth and efficient way.

There is a list of advantages and benefits in using the e-books. Just the folks can simply download the e-books through the internet. It is just similar to that of the purchasing of the other products. Once the download is finished, there is no any necessary to be connected to the internet to read the entire book. The book can be completed in the offline. These gigantic books are delivered almost immediately. One can also purchase, download and start reading the books in a short interval of time.

There is no any need to go to the bookstore and also no necessity to arrive for the books in the arrival. Any requirement for certain data or the information just simply downloads the e-book. At the same time they also took up the less space and also thousands of e-books can be stored on the computer. The greatest benefit is that they are the portable one where the folks can carry thousands of books on the laptop and hence automatically there won’t be any extra weight.

It can be stored safely and carried from one place to another just similar to that of the ordinary books. As it is a more interactive one the folks prefer the e-books at any time. There are no any packing and shipping expenses they are delivered through the internet, easy to sell and also distribute. The folks who are living in any location such as the remote villages, smaller islands can access the e-book in an efficient manner. The messages can be easily enhanced through the audio, video, and animation etc.

Digital libraries

Digital libraries are online database composed of texts, images, videos and any other digital formats. These digital contents are stored local and also can be controlled in a remote manner. Education Resource and Information centre is an old example of digital library which was created in 1964. Internet based digital libraries are very easily accessible and it is updated in a daily basis. A good internet connection in high speed is needed to access this, so that the process seems less tedious to the users. This is one of the emerging technologies in current trend. Traditional libraries have deficits in storage space, but digital library contains packages of vast collection of works and it has no limited boundary. Cost of maintaining it also very less and it can be easily shared around any part of the world. Multiple access features enables access by multiple users, institutions from different places. It provides user friendly interface in which, user is able to easily search any word, phrase or any other term in the entire collection. The quality of the content can be maintained in a best way for any number of years, as digitization can enhance the degree to which writing or text can easily be read as it is printed well.

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