Alice Walker

Alice Malsenior Walker is an African-American poet, novelist and an activist. She was born in 1944 to a sharecropper parents in Georgia. In childhood, her right eye was shot with BB pellet which leaded to a white scar tissue formation in her face. It made her very disconcerted, shy and induced her to thought herself as ugly one and so she spent her young age very lonely. At that time, she inducted herself towards reading and writing books. In 1982, her career in writing ascended by a novel called "The colour purple" and it won the Pulitzer award for the year 1983 in fiction category and later it was made as a movie. The movie also received several academy awards. The novel expressed and scrutinized about a female African-American life battles and conflict experiences. She also assimilated the characters from the colour purple to other novels. Remarkable Poetry collections "Revolutionary petunias" and short story collections "In love and trouble" are also done by her. She is also an activist in Civil rights movement and fought for equality of African- American people and married a Jewish lawyer. They became first legally married interracial couple. Also she was honored with O Henry award and Mahmoud darwish literary prize for fiction.