Kay Hooper

Kay Hooper is one of the best selling American authors, is New York Times best writer with more than 60 books of various genres and has a huge fan base for her writing works all over the world. She was born to an air force employee in 1958 in California, so, she spent her young age at the air force base. Then, they moved to North Carolina where she was raised and now, she is still single and is staying close with her family in a small town in North Carolina. Like many people in today’s day and age, she also first attended and started studying business where she found that business classes didn’t interest her so, she then, switched to history and literature, and then, concentrated on her longtime interest, writing which lead to her, typing her first novel ‘Lady Thief’- a Regency romance with a Christmas typewriter, which sold to Dell Publishing in 1980. Since then, she has published sixty novels and four novellas. As she was interested in animal care, she started a non-profit rescue organization, Community Pet Center, which helps to foster animals like cats and some dogs. Even now, she is willing to live this life, staying with those flocks of cats and couple of dogs, who surround her with love.